man utd review



with us nearly half way through the season and the world in meltdown due to covid-19  plus the fact my phone has decided to break while in isolation i guess now is a good as time as ever to dust the laptop of and and review the season so far.

well after last seasons relegation i was fairly optimistic that with the right transfers that we could have a real good go at promotion this season. in truth we have been so shocking its hard to know were to start in terms of making a improvement.


i have tried 5 different formations so far this season and nothing really seems to give us the right platform to get a couple of decent results on the bounce. so many times we have the majority of possession and shots on target but we end up losing by one goal.


as we approach the halfway point in the season I’ve decided to try a few personnel changes in the camp. we recently signed our 3rd goalkeeper this season and i guess that just shows how bad a season we are having. if i wasn’t a man united fan then i would of walked away at end of last season. with big deals done with can soler and Jose all having transfer deals sorted so leave the team.

if the last 2 games are anything to go by then i’m sure this team will move away from the relegation zone.  after victory against spartak moskva and a last minute loss to monchengladbach who are 2nd in the table shows a massive improvement from the boys this will be a massive couple of months left in the season and one that will no doubt be the making or breaking of me as manager. a massive decision will have to take place at end of season by myself. if i don’t feel the right improvement is made in the second half of the season then i will be stepping down as manager of Manchester united.


BUT i will not give up with Manchester united they are my team in the good and the bad and i for one will continue to do the best i can to drive this team forward






  1. Always tough when results go against you. You’ve a strong team there. I’d go hard, att, mix, mix, fast, all over.
    You’ll lose a few, but your strength will get you up the table.
    Even norm, att, mixed, mixed, fast, own half should do it.
    Good luck pal!


  2. cheers alex. maybe the right team at the wrong time just like the real united team lol. hopefully andre silva will fire us up the league when he joins in just over a week


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