Eleven Seasons into the Top 100 … some history …

Ladies and Gents … the end of another season, some tears of joy, some tears of sorrow, some Interpol Agents on the trail of the previous Real Madrid manager who is spending his off-season on his private yacht as Real Madrid search for the missing millions …

Mr Marsden (who judiciously kept a data file with the final season regular season rankings since the first season) has allowed me to use some of my Excel skills and update the file for the last two seasons, and produce some functionality and charts for the greater good (of the Top 100)

I have added the file to a DropBox. To get read and download (and tomfoolery) access to it you will need to send me an email address so that I can add you to the folder (will probably send you an email link for you to click on to accept access).

I have added some snips below of the content in the file. There is a main sheet with the Ranking Table of all teams across all seasons, with filters in row 7, where you can add or remove, sort, etc. the data by column to suit. There are also three charts, one is dumb (for information only), on the avg. points needed in each division across the last 11 seasons to win the title, achieve promotion, playoff’s, etc.

The other two charts permit you to select some data. The first (Final League Pos), where you can select three teams and it will plot their final league positions across the eleven seasons. The second chart (All), allows you, for three teams, to plot Wins, Losses, Draws, Goals For, Goals Against, Goal Diff. and Points earned.

I have added a couple of snips below from the file to show you what the content looks like

If you have any questions please reply to this article, or drop me a PM in the game


Mike T

Final League positions for three London based teams …

Points totals for three London based teams …

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