End of season 11 see’s us finished in 14th place with 44 points in Division 4.

Since taking over in late October my record is P 21 W 7 D 8 L 6

We were lucky in the end as we suffered 3 successive defeats at the end of the season.

What next:

Well there have been so far a number of players going through the swing doors. 27 coming in and 25 going out.  I cannot say that the quality has improved that much but I live in hope that 1 or 2 players may surprise me next season.

We have not many saleable internal players, as shown in the fact that only one player has had a rating rise while I have been here, and that was a youth player.  Alario is my outstanding player in terms of an asset; I am determined to hold on to him for next season unless I get some very silly offer.

I will continue to try and bring in some youth prospects – currently 12 under 21 (includes 2 GK).

I think next season will be just if not more harder for this team and in reality Celtic will need a number of seasons (under any manager) to be any kind of promotion force.

Now for a few days break for the players, but not for me though.

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