Thought it was time for an update after 13 games at the helm:-

When I took over one of the biggest issue was the number of goals against tally, not far behind the lack of goals at the other end.  I decide to change the formation to fit in with the fact we had 3 good rated strikers and only one winger.  Although in most matches we are conceding possession we at least have reduced the goals against.  Of course still an issue up front (30 goals in 30 matches). So in summary we have only lost twice, and drawn 7 times. In terms of drawn matches this seems a general SM pattern at least for Division 4

We are currently 1 place above the trapdoor and with 8 games to go I still think 4 from a possible 10 could go down.

The revolving door continues here with 16 coming in and 24 leaving.

No major signings (rating wise) since my last report. The main aim has been to recruit players who are under 27 and (I hope) have some potential.

The weakest area has and continues to be in the youth department where I managed to recruit just 4 players so far.  Currently as of January the 1st I will have just 7 under 21 players at the club.  But I will not rush to recruit just any players and like many managers here aim at long term potential risers.

My key player so far is Lucas Alario, who without him I am not sure where any of our goals would have come from.

No predictions from me as to whether we escape relegation. It may well go down to goal difference. But I will continue to try and develop the club for the future.

Next report at end of the season.


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