Transfer Dealings…

Afternoon guys,

After today’s external business in the GW I just wanted to get your thoughts on how we proceed in future over players who go external after a squad cap breech by a manager. Now Mark Stewart went over the squad cap and had to sell both players external (Gedson and Barbosa for those who have been asleep the last 24 hours) and I’m sure it was a genuine mistake, Mark’s a top lad, but seeing Nuno shouting from his high horse saying he’s selling straight back to Mark for cash(and backed up by a few others saying the same) just seems like no Punishment at all, is this going to be the case for every manager who breaks a squad cap because if i see a new player added and I’m on 50 you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be bidding if it means I still get the player back after my ban. I personally don’t think that any club( this isn’t aimed at Benfica) should simply be awarded the player back once bans are up.

The second point I’d like to make is I wonder why Nuno is all angry about the situation? I didn’t see him shouting the odds calling managers Greedy, Motherfuckers and telling us all to fuck off over any other player sold external at any point in the past.

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