Back To The Future At River Plate

Estadio Monumental
Home of River Plate

It was an absolute easy decision for both River Plate board of directors and Norman Little himself to link again in T100. The most successful manager in River’s history left for personal reasons last year but was back in the game and when MaggioGod decided he needed to take a break himself it seemed as if the footballing gods aligned to allow Norman Little an emotional return to River.

I was just drifting along at Stuttgart, I was trying to build something but I didn’t have to same emotional attachment to the club. As soon as the River Job became available I jumped at the chance to return, It was like a fire which had gone out had reignited inside me. I couldn’t wait to get here once the board had agreed on my return. The club agreed that promotion by the end of season 14 was the target but in truth I would of agreed to any target they had set.

Norman Little on his return

As always when I take over a club I immediately set to work, The core of what I had left behind was still here but I like a freshness when I start at any club. In just 2 weeks at the club 21 players have left and 23 have arrived as we look to the future. The transfer activity is almost at an end for this season with just a couple of targets in mind. The players all arriving are u27 years old and will be the future of River Plate, some of the youngsters signed into the youth team are of high quality, all playing regular 1st team football for their clubs in real life and I will do a full “club in review” guide to my squad to welcome them in a separate blog piece.

I have had my interest awoken in SM recently and have the bug fully back, I am so happy to see an increase in activity on the blog, newsfeed and the FB page and want to just say lets keep it up. These competitive GW’s are such a challenge and having an active community behind them makes all the difference.

River Plate

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