Au Revoir, Rahul

It’s possibly Rahul’s final season in Top 100, as he pursues real life commitments instead. So here’s a quick tribute to Rahul and all he’s brought to Top 100 and Soccer Manager in general – and in particular with his very accurate player ratings predictions.

Rahul’s managerial record in Top 100

Rahul has managed in every division except D4, and won D3 twice – with first club Aston Villa in Season 3, and now with Hertha Berlin.

He moved on to Manchester United after his success with Villa, and took the fallen giants back to D1 at the first attempt, finishing second in D2. After a creditable fifth place in D1, Rahul stepped down to take on the challenge of management in D5 and the Ukraine.

That move didn’t really work out, and was followed by a disastrous season in charge of Sampdoria, finishing bottom of D2.

Rahul stepped into the massive boots left by Hertha Hero Mark Stewart, and had two tough seasons culminating in another bottom placed finish in D2.

A mixed bag, in some ways, lots of success in his first seasons with Villa and United, then some seasons of struggle. So it’s fitting that Rahul bows out, for the time being at least, with his most successful season to date.

All the best, Rahul, and thanks for all you’ve done for Top 100 and SM.

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