Roy Keane Transfer Banned for Illegal Tanguy Coulibaly Signing

Screenshot taken at 9:24 pm Tuesday July
Screenshot taken at 9:26 pm Tuesday 9 July
Screenshot taken at 9:26 pm Tuesday 9 July

Time of screenshots approx. 9:30 pm Tuesday 9 July.

First bid, undisclosed, from Besiktas ’23 hours ago’, so approx. 10:30 pm on Monday 8 July, the same day the player was added as a new player.

Besiktas should have made their bid public.

Second bid from Lyon, public, £599,000 maximum possible, ’15 hours ago’, so approx. 6:30 am Tuesday 9 July.

Third and final bid, undisclosed, from Torino ’12 hours ago’, so approx. 9:30 am Tuesday 9 July.

Transfer bids accepted ‘4 hours ago’, so approx. 5:30 pm Tuesday 9 July.

I tried hard to be reasonable and to give Roy the benefit of the doubt, here, but – yet again – he ends up making totally unfounded accusations against me, and basically taking the piss.

This is a record of our PMs, where you can see how many times I have politely asked him to follow the rules. As others have also commented on the newsfeed, it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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