Player Fitness

A while ago, Doug asked why his players were losing or not regaining full fitness quickly enough:

In the Game Help, it says:

That’s an average of fitness increase of 7.5% each day, or 22.5% for three days.

I monitor my players’ fitness every day so that I can make the best team selections, and substitutions in matches.

Here is a record of my players’ fitness each day after Thursday night’s game:

With only three days until the next match, I know that players with post-match fitness less than 77% will struggle to be 100% fit for the game.
Felipe’s fitness increased by just 6% the following day, while Biglia, Schneiderlin, Vazquez, Teixeira and Young’s all increased by 10%.
Another 6% increase for Felipe, and he’s really going to struggle to make the starting eleven, and won’t last 90 minutes if he does.
Felipe’s fitness increased just 19% in three days, Young’s 21%, Aduriz and Teixeira 22%, Biglia, Moses, Schmelzer 23% (what you might expect, on average), Vazquez and Iborra 24%, Schneiderlin 25% (now at 100%).

Of course, none of this answer’s Doug’s query why he only seems to have a problem with player fitness in Top 100, and not anywhere else!

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