Money on the Side (FI)

So, not so much SM related, however as self-proclaimed football lovers & experts here in T100 I feel this is something which all of us, if you haven’t already, should have a look into.

Football Index.

Now this isn’t an alternative to SM, it’s not something even along the same lines for the most part, but it’s certainly something which knowledge expressed or learned on SM & in T100 should be used for if you ask me!

The concept is simple, you invest real life cash into players in real world football at prices within the market (football index) & from this you can make or of course lose money, like any Stockmarket, although the difference here is that we know our football in T100 & invest a lot of time on SM with very different kinds of gains.

So how it works. First you simply have capital gains. You buy a player for £1. If enough player buy futures (shares) in a player, that players price will move up positively to show this. So when this player has enough futures bought, he rises to £1.01 & you therefore have a £0.01p profit for every single future (share) that you own for that player. If you bought £1000 worth of shares in that £1 player & he moved up just £0.01p you will of course have just made £10.

What is it that makes a player rise or fall in price? Performances (dividends & in play dividends), transfer hype, media (dividends).

Dividends. There are 3 forms of dividends where you can gain additional cash from just the capital appreciation from player price movement. Performance Buzz (PB). FI (Football Index) use Opta to provide data from performances & award points per performance from criteria. The top forward, midfielder or defender + goalkeeper are eligible on game days to win payouts for every share you own of that player if they are the top point scorer.

Payouts are made every single day however what types of payouts are in action on each day changes upon fixtures available, when there are no fixtures available media payouts take pole position.

Media dividends are explained above.

Now, why I’m posting all this is simply because I’ve been there, tried & tested it & have made money, real life money for simply just knowing a bit about football. What’s different to gambling with bookies? I’ve not lost any money. For the past 4 months I’ve used FI (Football Index) I’ve made a +13.70% ROI (return on investment). That’s all the money I’ve deposited, I’ve not lost a penny. It’s safe to say that when I gamble with the bookies I can win more quicker, in a day in fact, but what I can’t do is not lose money. But you can lose money on FI, for sure you can, you shouldn’t for a second think you can’t but it’s certainly easy when you watch football, love football, invest time into knowing what’s happening in football, in the transfer market, across the 5 major European leagues, if you do these things, I’m confident in saying you’ll make money using FI.

If you want to use this to add up what I’ve invested to make this amount, feel free to do so!

How can you learn more? Multiple ways & I would recommend doing so before investing anything.

You can visit to learn all the ins & outs of how it works to a far greater level than I have shown above.

There is a stats website you can sign up & use, limited versions of stats reports are free but you can also subscribe for the full whack (which I recommend & use myself) at a cost of £8.99 a month, if you check the below recommended podcasts you’ll hear of & see in the episode descriptions discount codes which you can use for a half price first month for example. For these check

There is also a fantastic Slack community, which you get premium access to if you subscribe to IndexGain, I would actually recommend this 100% if you end up trying out FI but more so even if you take a discount first month of IndexGain & then stop the subscription just to access to the slack community as you get a lot of instant info that can assist with trades.

On Spotify & Apple Music there is a podcast ‘Football Index Guide’ there are around 90 episodes lasting around 60-90 mins each where investors discuss everything FI.

I’m more than happy to personally discuss or answer any questions you may have also, just drop me a DM/PM on SM.

Just to note, for the first 7 days you trade on FI, you can trade up to £500 & if you decide it’s not for you, withdrawal all of it without any problems.

If you decide you want to give it a whirl by all means feel free to use my referral code, £10 free to the sign up & individual that referred you, genuinely not doing this for referral sign ups, so don’t worry if you don’t use my code but it is a free £10 also!

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