Beddows to leave Top 100 ?

Real Madrid Referendum:

Real Madrid announced months ago that they would be holding a referendum with a simple question “in” or “out” of Marsden’s GW and today is the day of reckoning – ALL 50 Real Madrid players, plus Beddows and Roy Keane have been allowed a vote with the question on the ballot paper simple:

Beddows has campaigned quite publicly for “Leave” – even though he doesn’t actually know what it might actually mean – he just likes the idea and wants more power!

The main messages behind it – “If we leave we will be able to trade much better with external clubs like New York Cosmos and Deportivo Wanka.” he said.

Beddows has been spotted around the streets of Madrid with a big bus which claims that “Leaving Top100 will be easy” “Save millions of SM coins a year” and that by leaving “No Hamburg, Juventus or Anderletcht players will ever step into Madrid as free movement will be abolished!” Beddows explained that ending free movement of players will benefit Madrid as it will allow for local talent such as Reece Hutchinson (73 rated) to develop into a 99 rated superstar.

Keane too is a big supporter of “Leave” – “Marsden enforces his rules on us – he makes the laws and we must follow – Marsden is similar to the European Union Commissioners! And everyone knows that their laws are 100% binding!”

As for the other side of the argument “Remain” it is squad player Mantolas who is leading the calls:

“By remaining in Top100 we will be able to trade freely with Scallotti and Brar…” “The ability to move freely will allow us to trade top youth talent!”

It remains to be seen what the result will be – but it is expected to be close – surely Real Madrid can’t leave Top 100?

Frankbet have “Leave” lagging behind “Remain” at present but it is likely that months of negotiations could follow.

Result expected later this week!


  1. It wasn’t a good start but I think that you should remain at Madrid for this season. After that you’ll pull your conclusions. I vote Remain


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