Is this the beginning of the end for T100?

T100 was and still is,for me at least, the best game world in SM and probably the reason I still play the game. It’s been around a few years and until lately didn’t scream dramas like some other gameworlds.

Now however you can’t get through a day without becoming involved in news feed squabbling because of managers refusing to follow new rules, brought in to make the game fairer for those in different time zones around free agents, and their defiance is getting tiresome for me at least. However I’ve also noticed a lot more things that are not representative of T100 of the past, non responsive managers to PM’s and transfer bids and a lack of representation in the friendly tournaments run, at a lot of effort by those people organising them, just 39 managers signed up for the world club cup(wednesday) and currently at time of writing this 23 managers have replied to Stephens post on the news feed in last 48 hours with entries into the youth competitions, this used to stand t100 out imo as the best stand alone gw, so the question I ask is simple… Is this the beginning of the end for T100?

I genuinely hope not, if this GW went tits up I’d probably call it a day with SM, and to be honest these daily dramas just make that day seem closer than ever, so this is an impassioned plea that if you are in T100 play the game as intended, follow the rules and fully participate in the features of this GW which make it the best one in SM.

Hopefully we all see the benefit in T100 continuing as the best around.

One comment

  1. Such a shame if it is the end of t100!
    All that are still involved need to realise what You are part of and how lucky you are!
    Get involved in the competitions and abide by the fair rules that are set.
    I still have a few teams on sm but they don’t intrest me at all! So I log in once or twice a week? Where as I woukd log in to t100 about 10 times a day.
    Gutted that I’m no longer part of it but it is what it is I suppose.
    Wishing You all the best! Long live t100!!


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