Welcoming River Plate and the New Season

That time of year is upon us again and another new season is about to get underway. This season will be my 2nd full season at River Plate and for the first time I’m finally settled with 90% of my squad. So this is just me welcoming these bunch of merry-men to our rivals in Division 4 and some of my youngsters who will star in the youth cup.

Our 1st team Squad

As you can see from the 1st team squad there is no mega stars here, just a bunch of honest lads who will fight for the cause. I feel I’m pretty well evened out in terms of a balanced squad, one that is roughly made up of premier league players. 2 1st team Premier league keepers in Fabianski and Dubravka, defence consists of Clyne, Lascelles, Schar, Bednarek,Ismaily and Lukaku. The central midfielders Demme, Lemina, Caceras, Hayden and Billing. Wingers I have Walcott,Marlos, Bernard and Jahanbaskh with Almiron,Romero and Muto giving me options centrally behind our strikers which will be Wilson(15th april signing) and Ze Luis. No superstars but competitive squad. If any deals are to happen the only players I see leaving are Amat and Walcott.

Our youth squad

I actually am really happy with our youth squad who perhaps are being short changed by the SM rating system(amongst most other managers) excluding Cordoba who leaves with Llorente for Wilson mid April the rest of the players have 246 league games this season in real life behind them so plenty will rise. I have 4 full internationals amongst this lot as well so again high hopes.

So that’s my River Squad who will compete this season, thanks for reading and good luck to all of you this season.

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