This is just a suggestion to free up players in the GW, it’s a radical solution and one that perhaps won’t go down well with all managers, however, he it is.

At the end of each season ( i.e now) everyone must sell ALL their players that have playing concerns, whether this be level 4 or just level 1, a player whose concern has dropped (green arrow) would be exempt.

I would further suggest that these players be sold externally, this would stop any deals being struck such as managers swapping unhappy 90 rated players, this wouldn’t help anything, sell them externally then everyone has a chance and managers wont have to make decisions on who to sell to should multiple similar offers be made.

As I said this would be radical but when I looked this morning there was 4 pages of players that had playing concerns, that’s a lot of players and would certainly give managers something else to think about throughout the season regarding who plays and who they are prepared to risk losing.

One comment

  1. I like this idea a lot, maybe start with level 3 and above for a season to see how it goes and if successful bring it down a level each subsequent season


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