Todays Bentos Lounge guest is PSG manager Gary Naylor

Gary is no stranger to controversy this season with the French giants relegation prompting calls for Gary to step down from the club he has presided over since the very inception of T100 back in 2015.

I spoke to Gary to get his side of the story….

Gary, you’ve been in charge of PSV for 3 and a half years now, what do you think you’ve achieved in this time?

Not as much as we should have really! But still more than most! We’ve won the shield and super cup a few seasons back! The thing is success is measured in many different ways! Most people look at silverware! And of course that’s the best way, we all want that! But you have to look a bit deeper as well, You have to look at the future and where the club is heading! It’s hard to be successful and give the club a bright future as I have found out! I could have no doubt finished higher in the league and avoided relegation if I’d kept some of the players I had! But what good is a top 6 finish with an oap side? That side then declines, gets relegated and never returns to the top flight! I’ve sacrificed top players for some bright youth, yes I’ve also been relegated but just look at the squad!! The future is very very bright for PSG! I’m absolutely certain if you ask the owners and fans if they’d prefer to swallow a relegation with a team brimming with youth potential and a bright future or a top 6 finish with a declining team with no future??? I’m sure they’d all take the relegation! Cos this PSG squad will win div 2 and return to div 1 and be a force to be reckoned with! There are teams that finished higher in div 1 that have nowhere near the future we have here! And we have that future because of my work! 

2) What would your answer be to the critics who say you’ve had more than long enough at PSG and this seasons relegation has to result in your sacking and another gaffer given the chance at a big club, as it would be in real life?

I’d say they don’t know what loyalty is!! I’ve bought players who have under performed but I’ve stuck by them and they’ve turned the corner and been a success! All I’m asking is for one chance just like I’ve given to many! I know the club better than anyone, I know where we went wrong, so I’m 100% the man to get us back up and be a force in div 1! Why should someone else come in and reap the rewards of my work!? Yes there is still work to be done but I feel like I’ve built the foundations of a house, the walls, windows etc and now someone wants to come in lay a carpet on the floor and claim it as there own!?!?!? Personally I’ve got more decorum! I couldn’t lower myself to steal someones hard work

3) If you were granted another season at PSG what contract stipulations would you likely have?

given the quality of the squad I’d say a title win is what the owners would want!? And I’m happy with that!

4) Which players progress are you most proud of in your time at PSG?

Although he hasn’t set the world alight YET! probably kingsly Coman! He’s been in and out of the side struggling with form and injuries, but he is a world class player and he’s gonna show the rest of You exactly that in the next few seasons

5) If you are sacked how do you feel you will cope at a lower division club?

To me, loyalty is everything! I’m a very loyal and sentimental man, if the owners don’t give me the chance I feel I deserve then I will walk away from football, it would break my heart to sit and watch someone else tear this club apart

6) What’s your players all time favourite post match food?

We all love a portion of southern fried frog from the takeaway down the road, Kingsley’s uncle owns the place so we go there quite a lot.

Thank you Mr journalist, I hope You enjoy the complimentary wine and portion of southern fried frogs we gave you.

Thank you Gary, the wine was decent but the frogs we hid under some jumpers in our local Primark


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