T100: About the Blog, Gameworld and Community

Blog, Gameworld and Community

The blog is primarily to assist in the promotion, administration and building the community within the Soccer Manager T100 Game World.

Posting on the Blog

When posting on the blog, to ensure that posts are kept tidy & don’t take up the entire page please add in a ‘Jump Break’, which looks like the image below, under your first paragraph. The page/jump break  will create a ‘Read More’ ability to your post for the full article to be read!

Posting on the Blog guidelines
1.                  Blog Article Content
No restriction is made on the subject matter of articles permitted to be posted on the blog however in line with the purpose of the Blog it is preferred they should generally relate to the T100 Game World, the Soccer Manager site or football in general.
Avoid articles likely to be inflammatory such as those containing political or religious for example.
Articles with explicit sexual content or images are not permitted.
Contributors are responsible for ensuring that their articles do not infringe copyright, plagiarism, libel or defamation laws. The Blog Administration  do not accept any liability for any legal actions arising from the content of articles posted which will be the responsibility in entirety to the article author.

2.  Breach of Guidelines
The Blog Administration reserve the right to remove any article which they feel fails to meet the requirements of theses guidelines.
Anyone reading an article which they believe breaches the Blog guidelines should report it to  Frank stating the name of the article, the date published and a summary of why they feel it is in breach.

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