Last Tango In Paris

It’s that time of the season – squeaky bum time for managers who have slipped down a greasy pole into the abyss, and are hoping for a leg up and way out.

Harry Kane Paris Saint-Germain is the prize that Mike Scallotti everyone has been waiting for!

Sadly for beleaguered PSG gaffer Gary Naylor, who desperately wants one last dance in D2 with his only Top 100 team next season, the French club’s board have fallen out of love with him, and are keen to find a new man to make their fans happy again.

Naylor said:

The owners appreciate the work I have done in building a young squad with potential so give me a chance to put things right. Promotion is a must!

Gary Naylor, outgoing PSG boss

Today, Bayern boss Mike Scallotti scotched rumours he would move to Paris in order to be with Harry Kane, issuing the following battle cry after the Bavarian giants failed to retain their D1 title in Scallotti’s first season in charge:

I am looking to strengthen now ready for next season. Looking to strengthen the overall team, majority of youth can also go.

Mike Scallotti, looking to make some deals

Schalke will also issue a P45 to their enigmatic coach IanD, who responded by issuing a statement through his legal team: ‘No comment’.

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