So after 2 seasons in South east London I bid the club farewell.

Both seasons have followed a similar pattern. Poor starts then reasonable results till midway, then a struggle and a close encounter with Division 5 (been there with other clubs). Then we had a good run good results (if lucky at times) to propel us to the same number of points as last season (52 with one game to go) and a higher position (12th last season).

During the season I moved on some high profile players, but also bought in some potentially new/younger players. Hopefully this will give the new manager something to work with.

As already mentioned on the newsfeed T100 unlike any other GW needs a lot of time and effort IMO and over the next 5/ 6 months I have work and family commitments which would restrict my time. It is only right that someone else can come in to this great GW.

Hoping that the Gore plan does not see the demise of SM multiplayer yet and maybe will be back later this year. Biggest regret is renewing my Gold membership, but it will be the last year for that.

I will still be spending time in other GW’s for now. 

I will continue to check in on the blog to see how everyone is progressing and also to see how the new ideas etc.  are going.

Finally, and not least a big thank you to Frank and now of course David, for this great GW and to all the managers in it who make it the best.

Cheers Mark


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