How Many Points Do You Need For Season 9?

A revision, update and simplification of the “How Many Points?” series…

Based on the average points need to win the title (1st place), automatic promotion (3rd), the final playoff place (7th), to avoid relegation (16th) and the sack (18th), unless otherwise stated.

D1* D2 D3 D4 D5
Title 92 75 70 71 75
Promotion 69 66 65 64 67
Play-offs 50 58 57 57 57
Survival 38 43 43 44
Not sacked 35 37 40 39 39
* No promotion or play-offs, top 4 and top 10 instead

You can view individual team histories, season by season, sorted in order of best season at the top here.
You can view the same information sorted by Division and Position, here.
Alternatively, for the geeks among us, you can view the entire spreadsheet here.


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