How Many Points Did You Need To Win The Title?

At the start of Season 8, I published seasonal history stats showing how many points teams could expect to need to avoid the sackavoid relegationget into the playoffs (or the top ten in D1), win automatic promotion (top four in D1) or the title.

Now the season is over, here’s my round-up of how that worked out…

D1 – 91 points

Bayern’s second best ever season, with a record goals for tally, capped off a brilliant finale for manager ruts. Can his successor continue Bayern’s glorious legacy?

D2 – 72 points

Ajax cleaned up the D2 trophy with 78 points.

D3 – 70 points

74 points for Standard, their best ever season, second consecutive championship, and yet another title for serial winner Mike Scallotti. The only blot on the copybook was that it was only the second highest points total for the D3 title winners – Hertha Berlin got 76 in Season 7.

D4 – 69 points

Basel nicked it with 70 points, very tight at the top in D4.

D5 – 75 points

In a very competitive top half of the division, Bremen won with just 66 points, the joint lowest ever with Dnipro in Season 1.
This was also Bremen’s best ever season in Top 100.

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