How Many Points Did You Need To Avoid Relegation?

At the start of Season 8, I published seasonal history stats showing how many points teams could expect to need to avoid the sackavoid relegationget into the playoffs (or the top ten in D1), win automatic promotion (top four in D1) or the title.

Now the season is over, here’s my round-up of how that worked out…

Avoiding relegation

D1 – 40 points

Napoli survived with just 36 points and vastly superior goal difference over Bayer Leverkusen. It’s the Italian club’s worst ever finish in their six consecutive seasons in D1, and worryingly for boss Rob Ryan, it seems to be a downward trend…
Bayer Leverkusen, Sevilla and Everton all achieved their second best ever finishes in Top 100 history, but that will be of little consolation as they were relegated, nevertheless.

D2 – 43 points

43 points was just enough (thanks to a final game point at relegated Celtic, and a superior goal difference) for Inter Milan, but not enough for Lazio. 
Inter’s worst ever finish, while former D1 giants Lazio are becoming a bit of a D2/D3 yo-yo club.
Remarkably, this season marked the first time in Top 100 history that Celtic failed to improve on their position from the previous season.
Also, Fiorentina’s worst ever finish, and the third season out of eight they have finished rock bottom of the division!

D3 – 44 points

44 points wasn’t enough to save Chievo Verona, and even 45 wasn’t enough for Dynamo Kyiv, who missed out by three goals to Leicester City. 
In six seasons in D3, this was the Foxes’ second worst ever finish. 
For Kyiv, this is the first time since Season 2 that they have failed to improve on their position from the previous season. 
After reaching the playoffs in the previous two seasons, Chievo will be disappointed to be heading back down to D4. 
A second consecutive relegation sees Saint-Etienne return to D4 for the first time since Season 4.

D4 – 44 points

The crAZy Alkmaar Experiment reaped 41 points, never enough to stay in D4, and their worst finish since Season 1.

Swansea and Cruzeiro suffer back-to-back relegations and their first ever seasons in D5 as a result.

Dinamo Zagreb are back in D5 for the first time since Season 3.

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