How Many Points Did You Need To Avoid The Sack?

At the start of Season 8, I published seasonal history stats showing how many points teams could expect to need to avoid the sackavoid relegationget into the playoffs (or the top ten in D1), win automatic promotion (top four in D1) or the title.

Now the season is over, here’s my round-up of how that worked out…

Avoiding the sack

D1 – 34 points

Manchester City accumulated 34 points with six games to go, which was just as well, as they only got one more in the run in. But it was a total that kept sky blues gaffer Alex McLean in his beloved job, despite it being City’s worst ever finish, just out of the bottom two.
Everton were relegated with 29 points, one point and position worse than their best ever finish in Season 5.

D2 – 37 points

Celtic finished 18th with 38 points, but with 19th placed Sporting managing only a miserable record low 28, that was more than enough for Sir Kevin Wallace to have another crack in D3 next season.

D3 – 38 points

Athletic Club’s Mike T jumped before he was pushed, but can consider himself slightly unlucky that his team finished 19th with 39 points. Still, teams have been relegated from D3 with more (and survived with less), and this season was always a bit too tight and hairy down there to be comfortable.

D4 – 42 points

Swansea’s 33 points is the lowest ever to finish outside of the bottom two in D4, beating Stuttgart’s 36 from the previous season. They finished outside the bottom two thanks only to two of the worst bottom two finishes in Top 100 D4 history by Dinamo Zagreb and Cruzeiro.

D5 – 40 points

38 points was enough for Augsburg to avoid sacking manager Ivan Anic.

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