Relief for mcmillan as inter avoid the drop

After avoiding the drop on goal difference inter milan boss Josh speaks to the press.

Congrats on surviving the drop, how do you feel? I don’t feel I should be congratulated inter milan should not be near the relegation zone so don’t congratulate me. I am relieved  to still be a div 2 manager.

Why do you think you had such a bad season? 
Many things have happened since I took over the club. I made mistakes at times this season but so did the players im not going to stick up for them . The likes of phillip and diaz and players with great potential and both players we were relying on this season just didn’t turn up. I played them in there correct positions and my biggest regret is keeping them and thinking they will suddenly pick up there form. I almost left it to late but thankfully when we changed it around with a few games to go we picked up a win and 2 draws which was enough and then of course we lost 2 of our best players to retirement at the end of the previous season which left us with big problems as we couldn’t trade them and we just had to cope with losing  two 90+ players in div 2.

Do you feel you are the right man to lead inter?
Yes of course I do people need to realize this club is not the inter of old and we just have to accept that. A long term project is needed which is something ive been trying to do but you have to juggle it around as you cant survive with younger players with lower ratings. So its a project im slowly building but saying that this season still wasnt good enough I would of been happy with a mid-table finish with the team we had.

when you say its not the inter of old what do you mean?
Well clearly there  has been some bad decisions made at the club long before me or alex took over. There was a time inter were a strong side and winning trophys. I’m not having a go at anyone but when I took over inter it was full of older players with ok ratings. Now I completely get what alex was doing he was trying to compete in  a division which is incredibly strong and that’s how he went about it. Ive had to try and build a project again here after many years of problems for this club and ive had some big problems trying to recruit players but slowly I think I’m getting somewhere.

How is the recruitment going for the new season and where do you expect to finish?
recruitment is going well We have brought in a bit more experience and quality so that we hopefully don’t end up near the relegation zone again. Dzeko is a massive buy for us not just for his goal threat but he is such a handful. Perrin brings experience and versatility as does medal. We will be sorry to see timo horn leave he was the only one I could say did us proud but we need more strength in depth so bringing in Mignolet and jay Rodriguez for him was a no brainer. Clichy is a well known experienced left back who has played at a good level in the past and bringing in an 88 in at lb is difficult so were happy to have him.  were hoping khazri hits the ground running with us a player who has some great attributes but can be inconsistent but i’ll try to get the best out of him.  as for youth as I say we need players who will be the future of the club.  Mount, Adli, Caleta-car are three young lads I think have great futures and we have just signed Ebere Eze another very talented lad with potential. we are still open to negotiations on other players to.

As for the season coming up I would like to think we could push for top 10 and then maybe the playoffs but its a tough division and I would just be happy with a big improvement from last season.

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