Proposed Youth Cup and Shield Format Season 8

Thank you to all 42 managers who have registered their teams or their interest in entering the Youth Cup and Shield this season. That’s another 14 in less than a week.

With my team Hamburg, too, that makes 43 in total. One more would make 44, of course, which would set up the possibility of having one Group Stage followed by two separate knockout competitions:

  • Youth Cup comprising the top 22 teams in the Group Stage
  • Youth Shield comprising the other 22 teams

Unless there’s a huge outcry in protest, this is how I propose to run it this season….

Each competition would start on 30 June with matches played for 16 consecutive weeks until the end of the season and the Finals completed on 13 October.

Group Stage

  • All 44 teams in 11 Groups of 4
  • Matches played home and away, 6 in total
  • Groups seeded like last season to give weaker teams a fighting chance of qualifying and the bigger teams something to play for.
  • Top two in each Group qualify for the Youth Cup
  • Everyone else goes into the Youth Shield

Knockout Stage

  • Best 10 Group Winners get a bye into the 2nd Knockout Round
  • Leaving the remaining 12 to play in Round 1
  • 6 winners from R1, plus 10 byes leaves 16 in R2
  • Losers are out – not entry into the Shield
  • All Rounds will be over two legs, home and away
  • Same format for Cup and Shield
Don’t forget to read the rules.

And update your teams if you have new signings, loans, or player ratings changes since you first registered. You can do this yourself with the Google Form – either edit your original form, or submit a new one, or PM me in game, please.

Teams Registered

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Team name Manager name Team average rating
Juventus DP 91 87
benfica mark stewart 86
Bayern Munich ruts66 85
Atletico Madrid Doug Earle 85
Manchester United Greg Owen 84
Real Madrid Stephen Beddows 84
Aston Villa Nick Justice 83
Dinamo Zagreb II Jess Jobe 83
Club Brugge boerkesdroom 82
Hamburg David Marsden 83
Manchester City Alexander McLean 82
Chelsea james mckenzie 82
Independiente Gregg Robinson 82
Napoli U21 Rob Ryan 82
Hoffenheim Miguel Salgado 81
Sassuolo Bob Groucho Sal 81
Newcastle Greg Bilboa 81
Fc Bordeaux Alessandro Ioli 81
Genoa Frank Hirst 81
Borussia Mönchengladbach Attila Oláh 80
ac milan paddyd 80
Celta Vigo Mr TRX Malcolm 80
SS LAZIO Gordon ‘Gino’ Kinnear 80
Atalanta Norman Little 80
Inter milan Josh McMillan 80
Leverkusen Stephen Partington 80
Dynamo Kyiv Jimmy Gouldie 80
Sevilla David Senior 79
Malaga Gareth Crisp 79
Sporting Michael Hudson 79
Sampdoria craig 79
PSV Lee Adams 79
FC Basel Dr. Martínez 79
Torinio Tom 78
Bremen Wayne Bullough 78
AZ Warren Livesey 75
Anderlecht Gursimran Brar
Barcelona Scott McKenzie
Espanyol Lee Reynolds
Liverpool Andrew Kelly
Roma Ryan Chisholm
Southampton Niall Taylor
Villarreal Bruin

Those teams without an average rating, please submit to me by Sunday 10pm, if possible. I will then work out the groups and set them up on

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