Youth Cup Update and Average Team Ratings

29 managers have so far registered their teams to play in this season’s Youth Cup.

All but 3 were helpful enough and/or able to register using the Google Form I made, which I’m asking managers to complete to save time for me as I’m likely to have much less time this season than last.

Even just registering your team name and manager name is helpful as it means I don’t have to do it.

If you can spare five minutes to enter your best eligible players with their ratings, that is also a massive help, as the form automatically converts to a spreadsheet at my end and calculates the team average ratings for me.

If you can register your players’ dates of birth, too, the spreadsheet automatically checks that they are eligible to play. You’d be surprised how many ineligible players have been registered already! (Yes, I do message managers to let them know and choose an alternative.)

A couple of managers have not been able to edit their form once submitted. I don’t know why this, and I’m sorry for the hassle of then having to re-submit your team.

If you copy, save, favourite or bookmark the “Edit your response” link at the end of the form once you have submitted it, it SHOULD work! (I tested it just now.)

Average Team Ratings

Team name Manager name Team average rating
Hamburg David Marsden 81
Aston Villa Nick Justice 83
Genoa Frank Hirst 81
Real Madrid Stephen Beddows 84
Bayern Munich ruts66 85
benfica mark stewart 86
Liverpool Andrew Kelly
Club Brugge boerkesdroom 82
Celta Vigo Mr TRX Malcolm 80
Napoli U21 Rob Ryan 82
Hoffenheim Miguel Salgado 81
Manchester City Alexander McLean 82
Torinio Tom 78
Newcastle Greg Bilboa 81
Juventus DP 91 87
Inter milan Josh McMillan 80
Sporting Michael Hudson 79
Manchester United Greg Owen 84
Sevilla David Senior 79
Bremen Wayne Bullough 78
Atalanta Norman Little 80
Leverkusen Stephen Partington 80
Atletico Madrid Doug Earle 85
Borussia Mönchengladbach Attila Oláh 80
Dynamo Kyiv Jimmy Gouldie 80
PSV Lee Adams 79
Independiente Gregg Robinson 82
Lazio Gordon Kinnear

If Andrew and Gordon could let me have their average team ratings, please! And if anyone thinks their average team rating is wrong, please let me know. The ratings will be used to seed teams for the group stage.

The earliest possible start date for fixtures is next Saturday 16 June, but it looks like we will be well down on numbers this season, so it’s much more likely now to be 23 June or even 30 June when this season’s Youth Cup kicks off. Which gives us plenty of time to generate a bit more interest.

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