Levante press conference

Following last seasons heroics, and missing out on the play offs on the last day, Levante have made a slow start to the new season. The club have registered 3 draws and 3 defeats in the league, and defeats to Besiktas & Feyenoord in the World Club Cup.

The youth team have registered the only win for the club so far this season, beating Italian side Chievo Verona 2 – 0 last weekend. The youth side are in action again tonight against Dynamo Kiev, and before the game, Parfitt answered questions to the press.
Press: You only just missed out on the play offs last season, why are you not fighting at the top of the league right now? 
Parfitt: Because we havent got enough points dickhead. 
Press: So is this how you see the rest of the season going?
Parfitt: No. We’ve made some major additions to the squad in Gervinho, Fernando Torres and Vedran Corluka. Give them a few weeks to bed in and we’ll be flying. Look back a couple of years to when Olympiacos went up. They were absolute gash at the start of the season, far worse than we are right now, but they did the job. I’ll be surprised if we dont finish somewhere up at the sharp end.
Press: Do you think that the big name like Gervinho and Torres coming in will upset the balance and spirit of the squad?
Parfitt: No, absolutely not, Torres will probably be top scorer in the league, even though he’s only signed 5 games in, and Gervinho should hit double figures as well once he gets going. 
Press: Last season, in the WCC, you were sleighing giants week in, week out, what’s gone wrong this season?
Parfitt: We’ve played 2 games, both against higher league opponents. We can’t be expected to win them all. That said, we have Juventus still to play yet, so we should be good for some points in those games.
Press: Last season, you said you would stand down if the club didnt improve in every area on the season before, you’re still here. Care to explain.
Parfitt: We had our highest ever league finish, we had the best goal difference we’ve ever had, we scored more than the season before, we had better cup runs at first team and youth team level. The only thing was goals against, and we only conceded one goal more than the season before. I felt that overall, last season represented an improvement on the one before, so here I am.
Press: You didn’t make any bold predictions pre season, scared?
Parfitt: Scared of what? The only ones that should be scared are the other 99 managers in Top 100. We are strengthening the first team squad, we’ve got kids who will be in the first team soon as well. I think we are in a great position to push on, and when, not if, but when we go up, we’ll be in with a decent shout of going straight up again. 
Press: The youth cup tonight will be the first time the kids have played since Isaac Success left. Do you think they’ll be weakened by his loss?
Parfitt: Any team will miss their best players, but Che Adams will probably come in for his debut tonight. He’s a decent talent. Well obviously he is, I signed him, and I dont sign pups. I might ask a few girls if they want to see some though…..
Press: You got Jorritt Hendrix in on loan from Arsenal. What was the thinking behind that?
Parfitt: He gives us a bit versatility as he can play in defence, and anchor the midfield. Also, I want to learn the guitar, and who better than the greatest guitar player of all time to learn from? I’ll probably play Foxy Lady for the lads in the dressing room tomorrow night.
Press: Talk is that AC Milan will be looking for a new man at the end of the season. Any chance of you casting your name into the hat?
Parfitt: What, and have Beddow’s sloppy seconds? I’d rather spend the night shaving my gonads with a cheese grater. I’d win the league with that AC side, but I think I’ll still be here next season. I wouldnt mind a crack at Santos one day, who doesn’t fancy looking after Pele’s club? Not many others really stand out at the moment though.
Press: One final question Tom, which managers would you compare yourself to?
Parfitt: Other managers compare themselves to me.

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