Summary of the stats and facts , who is the greatest and who is the wurst

Who is the top of the stats and facts this year… will it be Mr Beddows or has the Dinosaur beaten him to it..

Firstly. The stats and facts ,despite certain people who are a little hard of understanding commenting otherwise, merely predict what should happen according to the raw data. Obviously that takes no account of manager skill, I could in future seasons factor that in , based on previous seasons value added but that is bit too much like hard work.

So on raw or should I say roar ! value added score.

AC Milan get + 14

SC Internacional +9

Boca +12

Sunderland +10

Sporting + 9

Sassuolo +10

Sampdoria +12

Santos + 8

So clearly on raw score AC Milan did a fantastic job.

If we look at skewed value added which includes a measure of success , rather than merely achievement.

AC Milan +2.33

Sporting + 9

Hellas + 6

Sassuolo +5

Sampdoria +3

Dynamo +7 

Santos +3

So we have a clear winner , ahem, which is Sporting Lisbon

 At the other end, we really need to look hard at D4 and 5

West Ham at -17 VA, and Twente -15 VA , with Monaco -0.95 skew.  

Must do better, look what you could have won!


  1. Skewed is simple,, you reward success so , improving from 4th to 2nd. get you a skewed VA of +1 , VA is 2, you finish 2nd so divide the VA of 2 by final position of 2 = 1Lets say you improve from 20th to 10th , VA =10 divide by final position = 10th skewed VA =1 , idea is that finishing 2nd is much more important than finishing 10th, and ultimately harder to overall 2 significantly better teams.


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