Same old England

I’ve been writing (if that’s the right word) about the England football team elsewhere since 2006, and this is basically the theme: (even when we win) England are shit.

If that’s not depressing enough in itself, and you are curious for more, here’s a little summary of what to expect should you enter the rabbit hole:

The best place to start is my preview of England’s ill-fated plan to get to the final of the 2012 World Cup in South Africa under the guidance of disciplinarian Italian capo Fabio Capello.

That post links to all my previous writings on England’s proud tradition and long history of international failure, humiliation, and general, all-round shittiness on the football pitch. But in case you prefer a handy list, here you are, in chronological order:

2006: A new Scotland? Why England’s football team will soon be as shit as Scotland’s

2007: Why we’re crap: the problem with English football

2010: Why England don’t have a hope in hell of winning the football World Cup in 2010

2010: No future in England’s dreaming? Inside the mind of Fabio Capello

2010: The World Cup on drugs: pure-grade heroin cut with shavings of Clive Tyldesley

2012: Why England don’t have a hope in hell of winning Euro 2012

By 2014, I got sick of all this, and so turned to music, with my adaptation of Billy Bragg’s classic song: A New Ingerland

While I’m at it (self-promotion, that is), and in case you’re still with me and wondering what the Jimmy Carter thing is all about (and you have the stomach for more football-related musical adaptations):

2011 (There’s Only One) Jimmy Carter (the footballer, not the peanut farmer)

2014: Whatever happened to… Jimmy Carter?


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