PSV and a little bit of History

Its my third season with PSV and when I took over at the end of season one, it was a relegation battle which I am proud to say we fought and won and each season we have improved
Season 2 – 7th
Season 3 – 5th.

Season 1 –  I was with WBA and a brief spell had us in top six at times and below stats showed we had a decent run Gomis banging the goals in.

Once at PSV I felt at home and the young crop of talent I had I tried to hang on to.

But after finishing 7th I realised we needed to improve so deals where done, which cost youth and good prospects for more established players. This gave me the top 5 finish but I learned again you need depth still. To overcome this scouts were send world wide and now for season four we can have no excuses in strength an depth.

First 11

Second 11

Also my youth team not as strong as last season but a couple stand out.

A good start with two wins in the league and I just want to highlight some key players starting with my goalkeeper.


Star Player and Midfielder

Other senior players who we need to perform at the highest level are,

Playimg  up top this Season with De Jong playing deeper the highly rated forward Locadia

A couple of players who wont feature for the first or reserve team are outstanding talents but also miss out on youth team due to age can go on loan to further there development.

And hopefully a star for the future.

Our Youth Team two stand outs are the two below we need some top performances from them specially against Madrid at the weekend.


Good Luck to all in the coming season and thats the latest from PSV and me.

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