SM Top 100 TV – Milan Special

Beddows is quite clearly in dreamland, knighted by the Queen on the San Siro pitch at full time last night, promotion achieved against greater odds than Leicester winning the league, a marriage proposal made by Silvio to Beddows on behalf of his beautiful daughter Barbara which will unite two strong allied families and now a Gaelic speaking Manc clown being appointed as manager of Inter – could life be any sweeter?

For sure Malcolm could have gone extinct, Billington perhaps put in his place and given Augsburg or even better still to confuse everyone perhaps even further Nathan Prince could have been given a big job – as Parfitt says too many Princes, Dukes and Earl’s already in this world – only one person of importance matters and that is Sir Beddows!

So back to our story Milan celebrated long and hard into the night at full time after being awarded the runners-up cup in SM T100 and the club have made a celebratory video to recognise the achievements of Beddows and the players this season and SM T100 TV did release a screenshot showing some of the antics of the Milan first team.

And then the video that the world has craved…


It is believed that the Parkinson Interview will be published within the coming days…

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