Match Day 38 Preview

T100 Season 3 – Match Day 38 Preview
Judgement Day !!!

Well it’s been a long old race but Thursday sees us down the final straight and across the finish line, but who will be on the podium and who will fall at the last hurdle? Here’s the final run-in run-down to look at the definites and the maybes going into the last game of the season.

Division 1

Champions – Barcelona
SMFA Cup Qualifiers– Barcelona, Bayern, Real
Juve (64pts) currently in 4th will take the final place unless they lose by 9 goals to 5th place Dortmund (61pts) in their last game of the season clash.
However with Real and Bayern having reached the final of this seasons competition it means an additional qualifier will come from the league so 5th will also be guaranteed a place in next seasons tournament.
SMFA Shield Qualifiers – Juve or Dortmund, Liverpool, Arsenal, Napoli and Lazio.
Porto also qualify by virtue of winning this season T100 Shield, there is no qualifier from this seasons Cup which was won by Real.
As such the final qualifying place via the league is between PSG (51pts) and Chelsea (48pts), a draw being good enough for the French team at Porto whilst the Blues must win at home to Liverpool and hope the Parisians draw a blank.
All is not lost for the team who loses out because as the 5thplace will be promoted to the SMFA Cup this means an additional Shield place will also be available via the league.
It doesn’t stop there though as Chelsea and Valencia who are vying for that additional league qualifying place meet in the final of this seasons Shield and as such both will qualify for next seasons tournament.
Confused? So am I and not 100% I have it right and stand to be corrected.
Relegated – Fiorentina and Leverkusen.
The final two drop spots are between Fenerbahce (35pts), Man Utd (35pts) and Schalke (36pts).
If Schalke win at home to Man City, Fenerbahces result at Real and Man Utds at Napoli will be irrelevant, even if the Germans lose by less than 4 goals and the other two draw they will still survive.
If Schalke lose and both Fenerbahce and Man Utd win then goal difference will decide which of them joins the Germans in the drop with the English club having a 1 goal advantage over the Turks going into Thursdays game.
Division 2
Champions – Spurs or Milan?
The script couldn’t have been written any better with a winner takes all title deciding game to finish off the season, Spurs (73pts) visit Milan (73pts), a draw would be enough to see the Londoners crowned by virtue of goals scored as both clubs not only are level on points but on goal difference too.
Promoted – Spurs, Milan and Monchengladbach
Play-Off Qualifiers– Roma
Shakhtar (58pts) need at least a draw at Lyon as do Ajax (58pts) at home to Everton, Zenit (57pts) need a win away to Newcastle to assure their place.
Sevilla (55pts) must see off the visiting Roma and hope that either Shakhtar or Ajax lose and that they can overcome the 5 goal discrepancy in goal difference or failing that that Zenit get no more than a draw.
Spartak (54pts) must win at home to Benfica and rely on Zenit losing and Sevilla failing to win, they must also turn around a 7 goal disadvantage to Zenit.
Relegated – Sporting, Loko, Basel and Boca.
Division 3
Champions – Villa or Genoa?
Villa (69pts) need at least a point from their trip to Besiktas whilst Genoa (66pts) must rely on Villa losing and taking all 3pts away to Cruzeiro.
Promoted – Villa
Whilst Genoa may have title ambitions they have yet to guarantee promotion, realistically they need a draw at Cuzeiro to do so, that or a defeat for Internacional.
For PSV (65pts) only a win away to Palace will assure their promotion.
Internacional (64pts) need a win away to Galatasaray and for either Genoa to lose or PSV to fail to take all 3pts from their game to pip either of them to an automatic spot
Leicester (62pts) must rely on both PSV and Internacional losing whilst they must win at home to Bordeaux for them to make the last promotion spot.
Play-Off Qualifiers– 2 from Genoa, PSV, Internacional and Leicester.
Southampton (58pts) need at least a draw at Monaco or for Besiktas to fail win for them to book their play-off place, similarly for Marseille (57pts) who visit Stoke, a draw would be enough due to their superior goal difference over Besiktas.
Besiktas (55pts) need to beat Villa and hope that either Southampton or Marseille lose in their games.
Relegated – Bordeaux and St Etienne.
To avoid the drop Hoffenheim (40pts) must beat Athletic Club at home and then rely on both Swansea and Monaco losing.
Swansea (42pts) need a victory at home to Udinese and for Monaco to fail to win for them to assure their survival.
For Monaco (43pts), Stoke (44pts) and Udinese (44pts) wins against Southampton, Marseille and Swansea respectively would guarantee Div 3 football next season whilst draws would be enough if either Swansea or Monaco fail to win.
Division 4
Champions – ???
Villarreal (60pts) need to win away to Stuttgart to guarantee the title or rely on Hamburg (59pts) losing at home to Feyenoord. If the Spaniards lose a draw will not be good enough for the Germans unless the defeat is by 8 goals or more.
Sao Paulo (57pts) have a remote chance and whilst they could draw level on points with Villarreal if the they win at home to Dnipro, Villarreal lose and Hamburg fail to win but they would have to overcome a 7 goal deficit in goal difference.
Promoted – Villarreal
A point for Hamburg assures them of Div 3 football next season whilst Sao Paulo need a win to avoid being caught by one of the chasing pack.
Chievo (56pts) need to win away at Koln and for either Hamburg to lose or Sao Paulo to draw.
West Ham (56pts) need to beat Malaga at home and hope Hamburg lose and bith Sao Paulo and Chievo fail to win their games.
Feyenoord (55pts) have to beat Hamburg, rely on Sao Paulo losing and hope that both Chievo and West Ham fail to win their games.
Stuttgart (55pts) need the same results with the addition of Feyenoord failing to win.
Lille (54pts) have an outside chance if they beat Sassuolo at home, Sao Paulo and West Ham lose and Chievo, Feyenoord and Stuttgart all fail to win, if the Frenchmen win by 3 clear goals they would only need the Hammers to draw.
Play-Off Qualifiers
Hamburg are guaranteed at least a play-off spot whilst the current occupants of the places Chievo, West Ham, Feyenoord and Stuttgart all need to win to assure booking their places.
Lille would sneak in if they win and either Chievo or West Ham lose or Feyenoord or Stuttgart fail to win.
Sampdoria (52pts) need to win at Montpellier and for Feyenoord and Stuttgart to lose and for Lille to fail to win.
Hellas (52pts) have to win at Dynamo and hope for the same results with the addition of Sampdoria also failing to take 3pts.
Relegated – Malaga, Dynamo, Torino
Koln (44pts) are down if they lose their home game with Chievo, they stay up if they win and either Dnipro or AZ fail to win, also if River Plate lose and they can overcome a 5 goal deficit in goal difference that mean they survive.
Dnipro (45pts) travel to Sao Paulo needing in reality to match Kolns result or if the Germans draw they cannot afford to lose by more than 3 goals.
AZ (45pts) at home to Atalanta need to match either the result for either Koln or Dnipro result but would also stay up if they lost and Germans manage only a draw due to their goal difference.
River Plate (46pts) travel to Torino needing to match the result of any one of Koln, Dnipro and AZ.
Whilst Atalanta and Montpellier both on (47pts) could be caught the vastly superior goal differences see them safe.
Division 5
Champions – Olympiacos
Promoted – Kyiv and Liege
Play-Off Qualifiers– Flamengo and Brugge
Celtic (56pts) need either a draw at home to Brugge or for Hertha to fail to win.
Santos (54pts) need a win at home to Zagreb or for Hertha, Rubin Kazan to fail to win. If they draw then neither of the challenges must win.
Hertha (53pts) travel to Bremen needing a win and for Santos to lose or draw. Whilst they can catch Celtic if they lose they need to level the 5 goal deficit in goal difference too.
Rubin Kazan (52pts) at home to Partizan also must win and rely on both Santos losing and Hertha failing to win.
Zagreb (52pts) away at Santos need to win and for both Hertha and Rubin Kazan to fail to take 3pts.

Wooden Spoon – Augsburg

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