Boca Juniors…Mid-Season Review…The Plan Comes Alive

Boca Juniors…The Pride of Argentina…
The fans crave success, they crave being the best, they can’t quite admit to themselves that the best is a long way off where they have found themselves but the new regime at La Bombonera is not short of ideas or confidence…but reality rules for now and the fans are trying hard to buy into a plan, a project…a dream.

Enter Sir Kevin Wallace…the man who turned Marseille into a lethal drawing machine…and the man now tasked with a revolution and a dream.
The plan seemed simple, Argentina’s greatest club would consist of only home grown players…well that box has been ticked and the 50 strong squad now contains no players who could not play for the national side of Argentina if called upon…the fans love it, they see the pride, the pride of Argentina in every player and they love it…
The Chairman was realistic after last season, he got the man he wanted in charge and all he asked was that the club move forward…have a plan, stick to it, make it work.
So 22 league games in to the revolution how is it going?
Last season’s point a game average now sits at 1.36…on course for 51 points which would almost half the mighty 23 point gap that existed last season between Boca and the play-off positions. Consistency has been a problem, injuries to key players and trying to find 2 or 3 formations that can be adapted have seen points lost to teams below the club but it’s a tight league and that is proven with Boca currently sitting 9th in the league…two wins from the play-offs…two defeats from the relegation zone…a league that tight is tough to navigate at the best of times, even more so when you are trying to make some progress and the plan is still a long way off being where you want to be.
The balance of the squad is the next project in the bigger plan…Boca didn’t enter the Youth Cup this season simply because they didn’t have a youth team…That is slowly changing and over the next few weeks there are plans in place to add to the Youth Squad and bring it to around 20 players reducing the First Team to 30…There are some interesting talents at the club and they need an outlet to shine so getting the squad right and entering the Youth Cup next season is a box that must and will be ticked.
Some good performances have seen Boca escape the group phase of the World Club Cup with relative ease and the challenge of a trip to Valencia next Wednesday in the knockout rounds is eagerly awaited…The plan has no specifics on success at this stage but over the next few seasons winning a trophy and promotion must be the aim if returning Boca to the place the fans desire is to be the goal.
The fans seem to trust their manager, they seem to be buying into the plan, they know that it is not something that will happen overnight but may take 2-3 seasons to see real results but if it means they get where they think they belong then that time will be allowed and will reap rewards.
And what of the players…the standouts so far…
Geronimo Rulli has been by far the player of the season, a goalkeeper who surely must become the regular No1 for the national side in the next few years. Sir Kevin Wallace knows he has something special between the sticks there and a long term contract seems sure to be signed at the end of the season.
Marco Ruben was brought in early in the project and has done well, some sublime free kicks to win games and an asset that will surely grow in the fans hearts.
Alejandro Gomez although blighted by injuries has been a threat up front when played, the project probably needs a scoring foil for him up front to help, and of course staying fit would also help. When Gomez plays Boca play, when he doesn’t the results tend to reflect that!
Others have played their part, some like Hector Villalba await their real shot at the first team but their time will come…this is the plan, the project, foundations and then success…this is the future of Boca Juniors.

Whenever you ask how things are going at Boca…one reply…We are following the plan…It’s the plan stupid…always the plan…

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