Fiorentina mid season review.

Fiorentina , the long good bye, mid season review.


The situation looks bleak and is bleak.

With no win in any competition since Jul 19th the only hope is to avoid the sack but even that would need a dramatic change in form.

 Statistically and in reality the weakest team in Division 1 , it would need a minor miracle to avoid any thing other than the wooden spoon.

After a poor start and realistically facing teams it is nigh on impossible to beat, a good cup run, a good win and draws against better teams saw Fiorentina on the up.

However the fact of the matter is that with a leading scorer on 5 goals , and attack argueably the stongest part of the team, a team that doesn’t play to it’s strength is likely to come of worse.

The one and only highlight is the addition of some good youngsters which should help the new manager whoever that will be. Not to say I have given up but without a single home win in the league, the sack is coming for sure.

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  1. I can't imagine the challenge of managing a team fighting against almost certain relegation. It must be incredibly dispiriting. You can only come out of this experience the stronger for it. Best wishes for wherever you end up next Malcolm.


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