Balotelli Rocks New ‘Mink’ Hairdo

Mario Balotelli today sported a new look ahead of the trip to St James retail park and staff dungeon.
The Italian has been in top form for the Rosseneri this season, bagging an incredible 18 goals in 21 matches.

Ever the character, his barber suggested a new ‘Mink’ hairdo, which he assured Balorz was all the rage in Milan’s finest salons. The final result was most displeasing to the goalgetter, so he opted for a live mink look instead.
Balorz said he was ‘delighted with my new look. I’ve given it a name. Miko. With Miko adorning my barnet we will terrorize defences across the division.’ He then fed ‘Miko’ some crayfish which he pulled from his pocket. 
Juventus manager DP, who has bid a cheeky £10M for the star, was unavailable for comment. However it is thought, according to a club insider, that he was unhappy with the new development and had already warned Paul Pogba against following suit. Poggers for his part favours a ‘Stingray’ look and has been seen shopping at Turin’s Aquario.
Mario and ‘Miko’ enjoy a moment together.

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