Outside the Box #5

Man City new boy Franck Ribery is impressed with how manager Will Trafford is turning things around at the Etihad, Franck said “the boss has brought in quite a few new faces and the main reason I signed is that he promised to get me one too”


Wolfsburgs new man at the helm Greg Owen has wasted no time in putting his stamp on the club having immediately set about increasing the ground capacity with an extension to the North stand to provide executive spectator accommodation.


Whilst over in England West Brom chief Mark Deadman has denied that the clubs new state of the art training pitch has been having an adverse effect on player performances and results.


Meanwhile Gav Harmer is to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport after FIFA ruled his new tactics to turn Bremens season around which were trialled in a behind close doors training match were found to be in breach of Law 3.


And finally Rahul has denied that after a mid-week training session in Mallorca his players are demanding improvements at Villa Park to match the facilities they enjoyed at the Spanish club.



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