I’m coming home Newcastle.

                                 LITTLE HAVING A SNEAK PREVIEW OF HIS NEW TROOPS

Norman Little returned home to his roots as he was appointed manager of 2nd divison Newcastle United(sounds familiar doesn’t it) and is determined to repay the faith shown in him.

In what has been a whirlwind 7 months of managerial merry-go-round for me in which I have had a short spell at Fenerbache before the lure of English football brought me to West Brom, unfortunately being a thick Geordie I didn’t read the small print in the contract and was sacked a few games later(writing off a season and pissing around with formations/tactics isn’t advisable when you finish in bottom 2 and get sacked…forward planning eh) and that brought me to Twente, well if Steve McClaren can have success there I may as well have a blast, and I set about a rebuilding job that genuinely I had no intention of leaving until Oran Robson quit Newcastle….then I begged for the Job.

This is my club, the one which give me grey hair at 20 years old and one which despite it’s many pitfalls I bloody adore. Season ticket holder and lifelong member of the famous black and whites I pledge to give my all for the club.

On quick first glance at the club I have inherited a decent squad and one that I can play around with in regards to transfer’s. Immediately Gini wijnaldum and Moussa Sissoko have been told they are not part of my Long term plans and I will be actively trying to flog them off(nee cash bids mind) Cabella, Cisse and Babel have all been told they need to prove their worth to the club or they will be next to be escorted off the premises. I think I am a bit light in defence so if anyone is after any of the aforementioned players then defenders will be looked at as part of any deals if possible.

The benefits of being back home now mean I’m off down the Bigg Market for a piss up and a kebab..till next time be good and be lucky

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