Football Facts Quiz #1

Just for fun & to test your general football knowledge & guess work I’ve put together a quick Football Fact Quiz, if it goes OK I’ll look at posting one on a regular basis, on varying football themes, so close down Google, take the quiz & if you want post your score in the Comments section below, good luck & enjoy.

Quiz #1 – The English Premier League

1. Which of the clubs listed below has never had an English Manager whilst in the EPL?

A) Norwich
B) Cardiff
C) Swansea
D) Stoke
E) Arsenal


2. Who was the EPL’s first ever Player of the Year?

A) Jurgen Klinsmann
B) Alan Shearer
C) Robbie Fowler
D) Les Ferdinand
E) Andy Cole


3. How many English Managers have won the EPL Manager of the Year Award?

A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3
E) 4


4. How many Penalties have been awarded since the first EPL season in 1992-93?

A) 1730
B) 1830
C) 1930
D) 2030
E) 2130


5. Since its inception the French have provide the EPL with the most International imports (187) but which club fielded the LEAST foreign players whilst in the EPL?

A) Coventry
B) Burnley
C) Bournemouth
D) Oldham
E) Swindon


6. Which player has scored the most hat-tricks in the EPL since it commenced?

A) Robbie Fowler
B) Michael Owen
C) Alan Shearer
D) Thierry Henry
E) Wayne Rooney


7. Who is the only player in EPL history to score, have an assist, score an own goal and get a yellow card in the same game?

A) Wayne Rooney
B) Michael Owen
C) Olivier Giroud
D) Gareth Bale
E) Kevin Davies


8. Which goalkeeper in his EPL career, scored was credited with an assist and also won a penalty?

A) Peter Schmeichel
B) Paul Robinson
C) David James
D) Shay Given
E) David Seaman


9. Who was the first player to receive a red card in the EPL?

A) Niall Quinn
B) David Batty
C) Vinny Jones
D) Eric Cantona
E) Brian Deane


10. On the opening day of the EPL how many foreign (non-British) players were fielded?

A) 3
B) 7
C) 13
D) 19
E) 21



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