Bild catch up with Noisy on the current Leverkusen crisis.

German newspaper Bild has rated the Leverkusen season so far as 0/10 – fans are chanting for you to leave – how do you respond to such vocal and public criticism?
Well we have had a difficult start to the season in all honesty, The Manager Noisy went off to the Euros and had a few private issues to deal with so the interest in the squad has dwindled and this has certainly shown on the playing field. Is it acceptable? NO. 

But we will certainly try our best to put it right in the upcoming weeks.

Will Noisy quit? Never, We will be here until we are fired.

I understand the fans concern as without the fans we are nothing.
58 games in charge in Germany now and a points return which is not even half of the T100 greats like Keane and Beddows, can you explain the lack of success? 
I agree with the Keane comparision we have been slacking compared to Roy and his Galaticos, but as for Beddows… 
pffft We all know full well he is a specialist in failure, firstly with Zenit where he was performing below standard in Division 2, Suddenly gets offered the Milan job in Division 1 and does a fantastic job at getting them relegated. 

You were a cult hero at Fenerbache… you won the league and the people of Istanbul only as recent as last week when celebrating defeating the Coup were chanting your name in Taksim Square – where do you stand (as a former Turkish resident) on the whole Coup thing? Fan of Erdogan or not?
I don’t like to get involved in political matters as everyone has a different opinion and most think that theirs is the only opinion.
They’re all corrupt each and every one of them.
But to answer the question NO, I am not a fan or Erdogan or of Turkey joining the EU not that matters to me much anymore. 
Obviously most of your players have been about as useful as a grave robber in a crematorium this season – but are their any that have given you the slightest hope for saving your skin?

 I have faith in this group of players that they will indeed turn around the results and move Leverkusen up the table.
We will gamble in the upcoming weeks by playing a few more youths who seem to be having more success in the current Youth Cup. 

Of the other managers down there in Division One are there any with a future more bleak than your own? Any justification as to why?
Yes, of course. I was surprised to see someone below us in the table in Manchester City a side who well should be well and truly away from the relegation zone.
It’s good to know that despite how bad we have been their is a shitter manager still in the division.

It’s a case of Blue Moon Sinking rather than Blue Moon Rising!!!

And finally how have your Youth team coped with Beddows nemesis ÇALHANOĞLU 
Well it was a difficult start as Hakan was a vital member in the Youth Cup and we started with a draw and defeat but we have finally found our feet to lead the group and look destined for the knockouts.
Brandt has now taken over from Hakan as the midfield leader and who knows where the talented bunch can go, they are putting the first team to shame that is for sure.

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