Gino Kinnearo Q&A With David Senior

At the blunt end of investigative journalism as always Gino Kinnearo ventured outside of his Italian stomping ground and posed a series of questions to myself with the request that I post my answers on the Blog.

1)      There was a recent article in the Marca entitled “The Rise of the Failure” which was an article based on an unnamed SM T100 manager who got given a big job despite a lack of success and has failed miserably. Your cross-city rival Tom Parfitt has claimed that it was about you? What are your thoughts?
Tom should probably concentrate more on developing his team to a position where they would warrant being called rivals rather than reading gutter journalism articles and worrying about whether another manager is bashing his supposed girlfriends front and back doors in.
Can’t say I’ve read the article you’re referring to in all honesty, more of a Whippet & Ferret Weekly reader myself, but as I was appointed with the sole remit of keeping Valencia in the top flight last season and as that objective was achieved I think it would be more accurate, if it is referring to me, if it read “succeeded miserably”.
2)     Some say that your boot-room style of manager is stifling the creativity of some of your players and that you shouldn’t be allowed near such levels of talent. Is this true? Or again do you think that this statement is not directed at yourself or rather an alternative manager. 
It’s probably a fair comment, I’m old school & believe in breaking the game down to basics & playing it simply, which suits most of the players because to a man they are basic & simple.
If they want to be more creative they can take up painting, writing or basket weaving in their own time, but I won’t hold my breath, half of em can’t even tie their own bootlaces.
3)      We all have seen the pictures of you and DP sipping ice tea working out deals – Is DP really a nice man? The Italian managers can’t stand him… always interfering, irritating all and sundry – is this a true reflection on the man? 
It’s Dan that drinks the ice tea, twatish drink if you ask me, I’ll stick to my builders brew.
Despite our different philosophies on how the game should be played we have a lot in common, we both think you’re a prick to start off with but other than that Dan was a great help in finding a decent plumber to disconnect the hot water supply to the showers.
Would I call him nice? If nice means I don’t want to smack him every time he opens his mouth then I guess so. As for interfering & irritating there was that time when he called round & I caught him ironing the training bibs, wasn’t a problem though as it made it easier to stitch the wire wool inside em.
4)      What do you make of Genoa and Frank Hirst’s seemingly rapid rise up the Divisions? Do you like many suspect that it is all fixed? 
I’d hardly call it rapid, after all you’ve managed as many relegations as he has promotions in the same time.
In all honesty I’m too busy here checking the lads aren’t replacing the Izal toilet paper with that namby pamby Andrex stuff to worry about what other managers are up to but I think “the many” should either put up some evidence to support their conspiracy theory or stop tittle tattling like fish wives.
5)      You are currently taking part in the Youth Cup with Valencia? How are you finding the whole experience? Going well and how far can you go? And what of the World Club Cup?
Have to admit I’ve been enjoying working with the Youth team, had to take over from Phil as he was insisting on doing it the “Fergie way”, if I’ve told him once I’ve told him a hundred times that you’ll never win anything with kids. Anyway didn’t take long before they grasped that one 70 yard punt up field is far more efficient than 9 or 10 tippy tap passes.
They’ve been doing well & if they qualify I may buy them a new toothbrush for cleaning out the shitters.
As for the World Club Cup I’m looking for a good showing against Bremen to see us through, it’s been a good opportunity to try out a few new fangled things, like passing.
6)      You used to manage Olympiacos. Recently there was a poll of the greatest ever Olympiacos manager in all of history and you received only 5% of the vote with Alex McClean getting 94% and some guy called Watson getting 1%… are you offended by the fans view of your work there? 
Not at all, I’m well aware of the accuracy of your “Fan Polls” but I know replacing Fruitopolis with Longley Farm yoghurt at the snack counters didn’t go down well with the majority.
I really enjoyed my time in Piraeus, until that unfortunate incident at the Blue Oyster club. Alex has finally got them motoring & deserves the plaudits, fair play & good luck to him.
7)      And finally we all know that the Valencia fans expect a Top 4 finish but what is your aim? what is really realistic? 
A bit disappointed that the fans don’t expect us to finish top to be honest, but at least it shows I’m doing a half decent job in driving down expectations.
Our primary aim for the season has to be to avoid the drop, I’ve stated publicly that I will resign if we get relegated, as I believe that is what any decent, self respecting manager should do & I will stand by my word.
Beyond that I’d like to think we have an outside chance of making the SMFA Shield for next season, oh & I’d finally like to get rid of the Neville Breville.

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