Lets get the party started

There were sensational scenes in Valencia last night, the likes of which have never been seen before in Spain. So what were they for? Had Shakira decided to play a gig dressed only in a sun dress made of clingfilm?

Had Fernando Alonso won the World Championship, become leader of the country and immidiately decied to make every citizen in the city incredibally rich? Had there been a spate of locals being photobombed by Khaleesi’s dragons? Oh know, something much more memorable. Much more important, and far more amazing had happened. Levante won a match. Not only was it a win, it was also a clean sheet. Just when you think it gets no better, think again. Nit only did Levante win 1-0 last night, they also beat West Brom 1-0 on Thursday. This equals the club record of two successive victories, and should the side become history makers next Thursday, it is expected that Parfitt will be given the freedom of Levante’s ground, the keys to the city, the a knighthood, the freedom of Spain, become eligable to work tax free anywhere in Europe, and beyond, and also recieve a voucher for a night of pleasure and passion with Sticky Vicky on the strip in Teneriefe. 

The prize on offer Thursday night

Parfitt, along with most of the playing staff woke up this morning in various bars, pubs, tavernas, strange hotel bedrooms, and hospital beds following the celebrations. The main man was at the centre of some controversy however, as claims were made via the Celta Vigo website that their players were unable to perform to their full potential as they had suffered from a severe case of constipation throughout the camp. The club claim that as a direct result of not being able to go to the toilet, each player was carrying around excessice weight and suffering severe discomfort. Parfitt simply said that Vigo are full of shite, and offered them an invite to the party which will continue right through to kick off on Thursday. And should they win, who knows what else will happen…..

Outside the ground last night
 The scenes on the streets this morning

Parfitt paraded through the streets this afternoon

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