Youth Cup Update

Apoliogies for the lack of Youth Cup Team of the week over the last two weekends but ive been snowed under. However I will today attempt to shed light on the potential route for the Youth Cup moving forward with only 3 weeks of group games remaining.

2nd round onwards aside from the final (and possibly semi-final) will be over 1 leg and fictional extra time will be used. (For those of you that are unsure of fictional extra time I will explain nearer to the time).

The 2nd Round won’t be an “open” draw but will be pre-determined and will look like this.

Best Group Winner v 8th Best 3rd Place
2nd Best Group Winner v 7th Best 3rd Place
3rd Best Group Winner v 6th Best 3rd Place
4th Best Group Winner v 5th Best 3rd Place
5th Best Group Winner v 4th Best 3rd Place
6th Best Group Winner v 3rd Best 3rd Place
7th Best Group Winner v 2nd Best 3rd Place
8th Best Group Winner v 1st Best 3rd Place
9th Best Group Winner v 12th Best Runner Up
10th Best Group Winner v 11th Best Runner Up
11th Best Group Winner v 10th Best Runner Up
12th Best Group Winner v 9th Best Runner Up
1st Best Runner Up v 8th Best Runner Up
2nd Best Runner Up v 7th Best Runner Up
3rd Best Runner Up v 6th Best Runner Up
4th Best Runner Up v 5th Best Runner Up

The following teams have definitely secured a place in Round Two:
Galatasaray, Bayer Leverkusen, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Sassuolo *, Chelsea *, Dortmund, Udinese, Milan, ACF Fiorentina, Lokomotiv Moscow, Hamburg
Most of those teams can still finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd but even if they were to finish 3rd mathmatically I am certain it would be one of the top 8 best 3rd places.  
The following team are definitely out:
Beskitas, Basel, Sporting, 

So that means that everyone still has a decent chance of progressing. PLEASE PLEASE continue setting your teams if you crash out as you can see how much effort goes into the YOUTH CUP… Not just from me but all of the 12 admins and everyone who shares their results etc… 
Thanks and good luck in the last 3 game weeks. 
An outline of schedule moving forwards. 
Gameday 7 Saturday 23rd July
Gameday 8 Saturday 30th July
Gameday 9 Saturday 6th August
Gameday 10 Saturday 13th August
2nd round Saturday 20th August
3rd round Saturday 27th August
Quarter-Final Saturday 3rd September

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