Youth Cup Gameday 4 Overview

Juventus are beginning to look like lame ducks as Saturday’s results left the defending champions SIX…. S. I. X. points behind the leading duo of Dortmund and Valencia in their group


This evening we would like to give a rundown of the top 4 youth cup performances from the weekend….

4.  David Marsden – The Hamburg manager might be about as funny as England’s Euro 2016 performance but he has a knack of getting results when it matters with his Hamburg kids flying high, a credible 3 out of 3 and Marsden is unlucky to not be higher in the Top 4 managers of the week.

3.  Francesco Signorile the Italian is the only manager not to speak any English yet thumbs up are international (as is the middle finger which was used by Roy Keane on Saturday) and he was delighted with 3 points to put their chances of making the next round very realistic.

2. Attila Olah  The only manager to have won 4 out of 4 (Udinese) and he is a sure fire candidate for the Top 4 which included a good 1-0 over heavily fancied tournament backers AC Milan.

1.  Bob «Groucho» Sal simply stunning performance by Sassuolo at Chelsea to win 2-0 and take over at the top of their group – last year they reached the later stages and it is looking likely they will do so again and with goalkeeper Sa having 2 YTOTW appearances in a row with back to back 10’s they could go far.

Group Tables have now been updated – please note some results have had to be amended due to some teams not following the rules and forgetting to change their teams.

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