Besiktas division 3 opinions

            division 3 opinions from beskitas 

Hi guys as game 9 approaches of what could be a very tough and tight division  3 league.I thought I’d give my opinions and my views as besiktas manager and my targets this season along with a few comments about some of my opposite numbers in division 3.

As I embark on my first full season with besiktas. The aim I have set my players and staff  is to achieve a top 7 finish with the strength in depth this should be a fair target for my very experienced players but I no It won’t be easy with some top managers within division 3.

and on that note regarding my fellow rivals in division 3 i thought id give a little insight  into how myself and the besiktas board view a few managers.

Frank at Genoa: what a top manager he is and should be in contention for promotion (obviously i cannot confirm or deny that i have received a cash incentive bribe from frank or any of is associates) i cant wait for my holiday to italy.

rahul w at Aston villa. seems to be doing a wonderful job at Aston villa and certainly will be a rival for me this season

kun al at galatasary:for obvious reasons here at besiktas we cant stand this man.he seems to have some bromance with broon at fenerbache which makes it worse.i guess that’s why 2 arrogant managers make a great couple.

golden bear at Monaco: Arguably  the most underachieving manager in division 3. the guy has poor man management skills and should be ashamed of is current position. maybe hes to busy drinking beer on the boats in the harbor than looking after is team.

division 3 will be the closest league this season and im sure in 10 games time the table will look a lot more different with no doubt that the likes of Genoa will lose a match soon enough as hes the only unbeaten one  and im sure most of us will drop points to other teams. who ever gets promoted this season will be in great shape to challenge in division 2 and for those unlucky to be relegated it will no doubt be more challenging to get back into division 3

i guess its that time were i must go as the players have a training session ahead of tonight’s game against crystal palace.

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  1. What about the cream bun? There is very little information on it. Has he eaten it? If he hasn't then I may be interested in trading for it. I can offer James McCarthy plus cash.


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