Youth Cup Review AND Youth Cup TOTW

We are now into week 3 of the Season 3 Youth Cup and there have been a few surprises so far and a few certainties but which managers have succeded, which have surprised? And who has failed?

Lets take a look.


1) Stephen Beddows (Milan) – Who else – 6 points from 2 games, masses of goals and brilliant football. Top stuff and Beddows will surely feel that his side need to capture a home tie in the 2nd round to ensure as much progress as possible. Forza Milan!

2) Attila Olah (Udinese) – Also in Beddows’ group and a manager who has won 3 out of 3 – someone really needs to explain to him that this is Milan’s Cup and hopefully this will be reflected when Milan face Udninese in the coming weeks.

3) Gordon Kinnear (Liverpool) – Even though the L word is considered a swear word in Italy we must acknowledge the fact that Gordon has actually achieved 2 wins out of 2 – almost unheard off. Gordon has put this down to the atmosphere at Prenton Park which is 100x better than that at Anfield – Could Liverpool actual qualify for the later stages?


1) Ryan Chisholm (Celta Vigo) – Beddows laughed when he drew his cousin out in a difficult group yet Celta have done well to take 5 points from their opening 3 games to sit 2nd in their group and unbeaten – well done Ryan.

2) Kun Al (Galatasaray) – In a difficult group with The Doctor and Kinnear is tough yet Gala remain unbeaten so far and after recording only 1 point in last seasons competiton they deserve a mention in Top 3 most surprising managers.

3) Norman Little (Twente) – Norman like his idol Steve Mclaren has quickly picked up Dutch and has the fans love him – a manager who failed at a number of Top 100 clubs has found a home – sound familiar to the real Brolly man? Decent start for Twente in the Youth Cup in a tough group and they are also unbeaten in the first three games.


1) Noisy (Bayer Leverkusen) – DISASTER read the back pages in Leverkusen news this morning as Noisy is failing to cope with building a Youth side minus some of last seasons key players – 1 point from a possible 9 is nothing short of disgraceful and could Partington be about to be sacked? Some certainly think so! For a team who reached the Youth Cup QF’s last season playing attractive football this season is not good enough.

2) DP (Juventus) – BIG DISASTER – 2 defeats in 3 games and the Group of Death is proving difficult for the defending champions who will have to pull their finger out if they want to progress and have any chance of defending their title.

3) Gary Naylor (Paris SG) – The Youth Cup authorities have rejected that Naylor has received preferential treatment reminding him to set his youth side on numerous ocassions and a suspiscious transfer of 25 SM credits is being investigated – yet Paris SG are better than 0 points from 2 games – he clearly needs to work on the balance of his side if he is to have any chance of progressing in this competition.



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