World Club Cup Round Up

A quick round up of the World Club Cup – Gameday 1 which saw masses of action across all divisions as each side looked to get of to a flier as brought to you by the Italian journalist Gino Kinnearo.

As ever a run-down of the Top 8 performers/managers:

1) Athletic Club (Gareth Crisp) – Many manager who have lost two World Cup finals in a row would be down and out, would have given up on life, would have sought an alternate career in retail, but not Gareth Crisp. Maybe his life in football management over the last 3-4 months has been a living hell but not tonight as his Athletic Club side scored FIVE (5) away to Espanyol to get off to a great start in the World Club Cup.

2) Milan (Stephen Beddows) – Who else? The No 1 manager in the Youth Cup from the weekend proved again why he is so good with an amazing 5-0 away win in Vigo. Mr Chisholm, cousin of Beddows could only bow down to Beddows at the end of the game asking  “WTF” “How did you do that?” It was Mr Andy Carroll (apparently available for transfer) who set them on their way but Candreva who was the star of the show with 3 goals and 1 assist to give Milan a massive start to the World Club Cup and left Chisholm wondering if he could ever be as good as his cousin.

3) Real Madrid (Roy Keane) – A manager who parades the World Club Cup trophy before every home game, getting rounds of appaluse from everyone and tonight was no exception but the performance of his Madrid side against a tough looking Sevilla under the leadership of Rab Kennedy who had no answers to Keane’s brilliance. Rab is apparently still working on his Spanish and regularly messing it up with his French/German/Italian that he spoke in Switzerland and for such a talented manager to be such a failure thus far in Spain surely communication is the No 1 problem.

4) Celtic (Ruts) – Another manager who is about as dull as watching paint dry or doing the gardening on a lovely summer’s afternoon – yet he managed to lead his Celtic side to a dull 2-1 win over VFB Stutgart to show that perhaps the Scottish side are the ones who should be in the higher division and not the Irish Germans.

5) Leverkusen (Noisy) – The German side almost produced a performance comparable with Milan, but not quite good enough to be No 2… yet Noisy can be mightly proud of his side’s start to the World Club Cup with a 4-0 win at home against Chievo Verona.

6) Anderlecht (Prince Michael William) – The so-called No 1 manager in that little country called Belgium, and a manager who could not cope in Top 100 Division 1 has made the Top 10 managers of the day in the World Club Cup after a good 1-1 draw against the poorly managed and put together side that is Arsenal. Prince was delighted with the point but rather pessimistic about his sides chances against the bigger clubs like Milan.

7) Valencia (David Senior) – A great start by Valencia under the leadership of the Warden Mr David Senior – he is a wise man and a great manager of his players – he communicates what he wants and they produce – a great 4-0 win tonight and he is unlucky to not have any players in Team of the Week.

8) Juventus (DP) – It is mightly difficulut to manager a top side when under pressure but Dan has shown that his relationship with all his palyers such as Coman for example is fantastic and despite the pressures of impending failure in the League and the Youth Cup the bond and morale within the squad remains high as his side overcame a difficult trip to Ukraine to win 2-1.

There is your Top 8 Managers this week.

Here is Team of the Week

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