Hello Hellas

Last night a phote emerged that seemingly shows Levante manager Tom Parfitt visiting a rival club. The Levante boss was known to have visited Italy last week, he was there as a guest at his sister’s wedding in Lake Garda. The picture however seem to show that perhaps there was an ulterior motive to his visit.

The rumor mill is sure to go into overdrive following the release of the picture, but officials from both Levante and Hellas Verona declined to comment when approached. Verona manager Andre Libras – Boas could not be reached for comment, but it is hoped that he will respond in due course.
Parfitt however said that Verona is a wonderful city, and a place that he would like to spend more time. Is the man just mischief making, or is there more to it? At the moment he seems happy in Spain, and is attempting to build a side for the future, but is that side for the future one that he will be guiding, or is the very basic Italian he has picked up courtesy of his Duolingo app more than just a coincidence?  

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