New Season, New Start

Following last nights win over 10 man Independiente at the Ciudad de Valencia, Levante boss Tom Parfitt took time out to speak to Sky Sports Spanish football correspondent, Kate Abdo.

KA – Tom, there was talk that having finished bottom last season, you shouldnt be in charge at Levante now. How do you respond to that criticism?
TP – Kate, you lovely little thing you, we are here to talk about the here and now, not the past. In the here and now, we have won our opening game of the season 3 – 1, and had a very solid pre season too.

KA – You haven’t brought in many players during the off season. Given that the side did finish bottom, do you not think a few more additions would have been wise?
TP – You look amazing tonight Kate, maybe we could discuss this further over dinner? Maybe Netflix & chill?
KA – maybe later Tom, but what about your recruitment for this season?
TP – Well yes, it has been a bit slow, but we got the majority of our business done towards the end of last season. Mcgeady and Ramis came in. Eto’o, Gillardino, Szalai, Srnic, N’Doye and Kodjia all came before last season ended. Zapata too, so in all honesty we were ahead of the game for once. When Damaio became available though, we couldnt say no.
KA – Yes, Leandro is a great signing for your club. How did you manage to convince him to sign?
TP – Well it is never easy to get a player of that stature to drop down the leagues, but when I talked to him and told him what we were looking to do, he was on board very quickly. Leverkusen were great in their part of the deal too. Noisy was fantastic with his communication and we knew where we stood.
KA – Leandro Damaio coming in makes you a bit top heavy on strikers now does it not?
TP – Well spotted Kate, and I think that you will see two or three leaving at some point. I know in my head who I will be trying to move on, but I wouldnt expect too many immidiate exits.
KA – Can we expect to see any more new arrivals?
TP – What, me and you creating our own new arrival you mean? That’d be cool. We could get some practice in now if you like?
KA – Practice is later, I mean new arrivals to the Levante playing staff.
TP – I’d like to get a goalkeeper in for sure. I am hoping to talk to a club later in the week about one, but whether we can arrange a deal or notr remains to be seen. Other than that, we have made bods for a couple of midfielders, although we haven’t heard back from their respective clubs. If they dont come off though, I wouldnt expect amything else. I certainly dont have any other targets in mind at this moment.
KA – Well thank you for taking the time out to speak to me, it has been wonderful.
TP – Thank you Kate, and now about that dinner and desert…..   


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