FRANKBET Odds – Season 3 – DIVISION 3

Onwards we go with the FRANKBET pre-season odds and today we join Division 3, who will succeed in beating The Top 100 President? Who will suffer the embarrassment of being relegated down to the doldrums of Division 4?

Marseille               2/1
Athletic Club         3/1
Southampton         5/2
Genoa                    9/1
Sunderland            12/1
SC Internacional   14/1
Galatasaray           21/1
Udinese                 21/1
Leicester City       33/1
AS Monaco          33/1
Cruzeiro               40/1
Aston Villa           50/1
PSV                      75/1
Beskitas                88/1
Swansea               125/1
Crystal Palace      250/1
Hoffenheim         250/1
Bordeaux             300/1
AS Saint Etienne 500/1
Stoke City           6000/1

“Are you mad?” Linder asked Frankbet upon seeing the odds to which they replied “Not as mad as you clearly…”

Many managers as with Div 4 and Div 5 have wished to have their say on their respective odds for Season 4 with The Linder being more outspoken than most, in fact the dedicated Swedophobe was spotted outside a South London establishment off his face and holding what appeared to be a pint of snakebite and black in his hand, whilst having what he described as a friends pet snake coiling around his neck – are Crystal Palace going down? Does it snow in Sweden was FRANKBETS response to the over exuberant Swede.

Golden Bear is a manager who nearly sleep walked himself to a double relegation last season such was his dedication to stocking up on honey as opposed to managing Monaco. Monaco might be a rich boys playground and when the SMT100 authorities gave him an ultimatum, save Monaco or go to Zagreb Golden Bear actually realised that honey stocks and cash stocks in Zagreb do not match those of his current Royal patron in Monaco and as such recovery followed. The question is can Golden Bear actually concentrate for a whole season to challenge for the play offs? FRANKBET thinks not and that the lure of honey will hold swap and dent Monaco’s hopes.

Monaco manager in a former role in Gold 279

What of the others, FRANKBET think that the trio of Genoa, Internacional and Southmapton will be certain to have good seasons with Robert Dowinho’s Brazilian side a sure bet according to some… “Downing knows how to reach play-offs, it is his speciality…”

Downinho – specialist at the play-offs

 And then what of the favourites, Marseille. A side who’d underachieved arguably with Sir Kevin Wallace who walked away for a bigger job at Boca and replaced the now fluent Portuguese speaking and relegation specialist Josh McMillan. A man who came to Top 100 via Northampton he has achieved alot in his short time in the gameworld so much that he was offered the Marseille job and faces the tag of favourites. Could Josh possibly get another promotion?

And what of our great leader, Frank Hirst and Genoa? What can we expect of him? A manager who is well known for manipulating the gameworld for his own gains and a manager who actually picks the referees for each tie – surely he is destined to make the play-offs at least? It is as certain as Liverpool to still be trohpyless in real life this time next year.

Frank Hirst – He does what he wants

Others to watch out for:

FRANKBET are highly interested to see how some managers perform next season in this Division, in particular the rivalry between Turkish sides Galatasaray and Besiktas who both under the tutelage of new managers, Mr Kun Al and Mr Prince should be quite spicy.

Will Rahul and Aston Villa be able to make the play-offs again – FRANKBET think it will be more of a relegation fight that a play-off party!

As for the rest the odds are there, if you wish to spend your pennies nip down to your nearest FRANKBET store today.


  1. Nice stuff Stephen. Don't want to be pernickety though, but you will find that Southampton should be second on the list ahead of Athletic Club as their 5/2 odds are shorter than Athletic's 3/1. Just sayin'


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