FRANKBET Odds – Season 3 – DIVISION 4

As the excitement builds to Season 3 of Top 100 and also the move full time to the new SM Interface Top SM Bookmaker, FRANKBET have taken the time to view the favourites and the odds across the Divisions and today it is the term of Division 4.

FRANKBET are also pleased to announce a brand new logo for their business which has come about due to increased funding and has seen a new launch of offices in addition to the Genoa HQ, but also in Turin and Milan. They are also looking at sites in Liverpool with the preferred sites in Toxeth and Queens Road where they are considering taking over a former library which has had to be closed due to looting and lack of interest in books.

Anyway business affairs aside lets get onto SM Top 100 Division 4 odds. (Please note these odds are for promotion and not necessarily to win the league.)

Malaga                     1/1000
Torino                      5/2
Villarreal                 7/2
Dynamo Moscow   8/1
Sassuolo                 9/1
Sampdoria              9/1
Atalanta                 12/1
West Ham              16/1
Feyenoord              16/1
FC Koln                 22/1
Hamburg                25/1 
VFB Stuttgart        33/1
Sao Paulo              33/1
AZ                         50/1
Chievo Verona      50/1
River Plate            60/1
Dnipro                  100/1
Montpeillier         500/1 
Hellas Verona      650/1
Lille                     5000/1 
FRANKBET analysts admitted after publishing the odds that they had heard that as a favour for messing up promotion last season in favour of Frank’s Genoa that Malaga will be given preferential treatment next season in SM Top 100 Season 3. “We have it on record from a number of sources that if Malaga dont win the league by a huge margin they it will be down to Billington’s in-adept management as the SM authorities will do all in their power to ensure Malaga go up. 
Huddo and Kelly, an Aussie and an Irishman are both expected to fair well and be in the fight for automatic promotion come next season with short odds on both sides.
Of the Div 3 relegated sides FRANKBET back Marco of the Angels to fair the best, with the wing winged creatures on his side anything is possible and with Marco’s former side, Hellas Verona in this Division it is a division he knows well and anything less than play-offs would be considered a failure in truth. 
Razzaque and Moscow are expected to do well again but with rumours of a franchise move to the USA to become Dynamo Washington as opposed to Moscow in the offing it remains to be seen it this will impact on the players and the sides form. 
Nicky Thomson’s preference of racing cars in Canada as opposed to even attending West Ham games has not gone down well with the fans and again FRANKBET can’t see them getting out of Division 4.
At the bottom, they believe Mark Hewitt will continue to struggle as he is clearly not good enough to be successful in a gameworld as competitive as Top 100. Likewise Mr Andre Villa-Baos, a Portuguese manager in Italy – how novel – that will surely never work? 
Anyway FRANKBET predict they will struggle immensely. 
As for a few select others, Mr Feargal O’Hickey wont be able to cope with European Competition and maintaining success in the league and will finish mid-table and as for Wheels, a little bit of an unknown quantity to the FRANKBET community, but a manager who talks about spoons, surely a relegation fight for him!


  1. LOL lol and lol again.I still wonder the odd for H.Verona last year, was the 2nd worst but couldn´t read. I ´ll do my best even if big part of my players decresed -1 or 2 in the last week.


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