World cup last 16

World cup last 16 preview

Knock out all the way.

The first match sees Netherlands vs Turkey, neither team really tested in the first round Netherlands should be the favourites to progress.

Russia vs England, a tense cold war stand off. Russia must go defensive against the attacking might of St George , expect an England victory.

Belgium vs Bosnia  . Belgium played well in the groups and baring a disaster should progress.

Ireland vs Italy . A disaster for Switzerland or perhaps doing near neighbours a huge favour has let Ireland through against . In the last match Balotelli is rubbish was heard, and he’ll never play for Fiorentina. Why such a low rated player is still being picked no one knows. Expect an Ireland victory as the Leprauchauns cast a spell over Beddows and co.

France vs Uruguay. Only a tactical genius could get Uruguay past France but with added bite to the Uruguay side lets see what happens.

Serbia vs Argentina. A great group stage must make Argentina the favourites.

Croatia vs Portugal. A high scoring game by Ronaldo an co got past Chile, Croatia could follow Italy as group winners who exit at an early stage.

Poland vs Spain. Do an aging Spain side still have what it take s. The group stages suggest yes and Poland won’t be much opposition. 

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